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Miley Showing Off Her Ass Again

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Seeming as if there's no end in sight, more racy photos of 15-year-old Disney star Miley Cyrus have made their way onto the Web.

In the most recent photo release, the "Hannah Montana" starlet is seen wearing a blue shirt pulled up to reveal her stomach, along with a pair of white underwear. She also posed in a blue and white polka dot bikini.

kinda nsfw? view at your own risk lol
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Lindsay: MYOB!

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Lindsay Lohan on Friday had sharp words for the Los Angeles police chief who one day earlier was accused of outing the 22-year-old when he said the star of films like "Freaky Friday" had "gone gay."


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"Police chiefs shouldn't get involved in everybody else's business or their personal lives. It's inappropriate," Lohan told the photographers as she made her way through Los Angeles International Airport. Video of the encounter was posted on celebrity Web site TMZ.com.

Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton caused a media furore on Thursday when he boycotted a Los Angeles city task force meeting to discuss ways to curb paparazzi because, he said, new rules were not needed.

He told local news channel KNBC: "If you notice, since Britney (Spears) started wearing clothes and behaving, Paris (Hilton) is out of town not bothering anybody, thank god; and evidently, Lindsay Lohan has gone gay, we don't seem to have much of an issue."

Lohan, 22, has been almost inseparable from disc jockey Samantha Ronson for months, sparking speculation they are in a lesbian relationship.

Ronson, 30, said in an update on her Facebook page that Bratton should "talk less and do more."

At a news conference on Thursday, Bratton dismissed a reporter's question that his remark about Lohan was inappropriate.

"No one is more supportive of gay rights than I am," he said.

(Reporting by Jill Serjeant; editing by Mohammad Zargham)

Weezer Parodies YouTube - New Video

Watch the official video for "Pork and Beans" from Weezer starring some familiar YouTube faces. New Self-Titled "Red Album" out June 3rd, 2008!

this is pretty clever ;) can you guys name all the different YouTube phenoms in their video?


Snoop Around Carries Desktop-Win A Poster

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Step inside and snoop around Carries Desktop world.
Engage in conversation with Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda and Big.
Solve the questions put to you by the girls to enter a chance to win 1 of 50 official movie posters and unlock exclusive content!

This is awesome! I'm terrible, I bought my ticket on Fandango already lol!

FREE Comic Book Day!

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You don't have to be bitten by a radioactive spider.
Or be the lone survivor of an alien planet, rocketed to Earth to be mankind's savior.
You don't even have to run around in purple pants while smashing things.
All you have to do to get a free comic book Saturday May 3rd is show up at a local shop.

it's my bday! and so it seems it's everyone elses bday on ontd lol so happy bday May 2 ppl!
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Alicia Keys thinks there was no such thing as gangsta rap and it's all part of a conspiracy.

Keys told Blender magazine, "'Gangsta rap' was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other. 'Gangsta rap' didn't exist."

Keys also said that the feud between Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. was fueled "by the government and the media, to stop another great black leader from existing."

Keys said that she wears a gold AK-47 pendant around her neck "to symbolize strength, power and killing 'em dead."

If that sounds surprising, it's a surprise to her mother as well.

Her mom told Blender, "She wears what? That doesn't sound like Alicia."

John Mayer Summer Tour...Minus Neon Thong

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John Mayer's 2008 summer tour will begin July 2 at Milwaukee's Summerfest, Billboard.com has learned. The tour is presented by BlackBerry and features Colbie Caillat and Brett Dennen as support.

Dates under the cut....

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Who Farted

This is pre-hostage--mostly her and a bunch of photogs running around looking for a toilet and Britney using a cockney accent...very badly.

source: Youtube

Jessica Simpson Celebrates Run @ Work Day

Looks like someone got the memo that it's National Run @ Work Day! Jessica looked fantastic working on her fitness on the set of Major Movie Star - it even put a smile on her face to get that heart rate going. She put down her usual Fuze for some plain old delicious Fiji Water taking a break from the grueling task at hand. It looks like Jessica's celebrating the day (and of course I'm about to go run the stairs of our building a few times, wink), but are you going to take part in Run @ Work Day?

^^i can just see that picture being used so wrongly in an icon lol she looks cute tho ;p
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Jennifer Garner was back in LA after her whirlwind trip to Japan and spending time with her most important little Violet. She was looking as cute as ever, but not in her signature Crocs (good). Violet is certainly a little LA baby with her blondie locks, but she's going to have to get used to the NY autumn when mom takes her turn on Broadway. Little Vi has traveled a lot of course so I'm thinking she'll love the big city as long as she's in the arms of her awesome parents.


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